Hotel Apartments in Muscat:One Stop Solution for A Budget accommodation in Muscat


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The wonderful port capital of Muscat in The Sultanate of Oman has wide open dry river valleys, beautiful coastlines, evocative deserts, green isolated areas, majestic mountains. Muscat in Oman with its rich heritage and a fascinating culture with Bedouin influences, traditional charms without the fabulous and somewhat distorting wealth of much of the Arab world. Economically stable, and packed in a huge range of landscapes from rugged desert and turtle-nesting beaches to remarkable misty green mountains, you’ll find off-road adventures, winter sun and old-fashioned Arabian hospitality an ideal opportunity for day trips into the landscape. Before reaching the Oman’s port capital one must make plan for staying or accommodation arrangements. Hotel Apartments are a great choice for many travellers as Hotel Apartments in Muscat, Oman offers clean large luxurious room with varied amenities for an overnight or long duration stay.

Safeerhotelsis a famous name in Hotel and tourism industry in Oman. Safeer International, Safeer Continental, Safeer Hotel Suits, Safeer Plaza Pearl Salah Furnished Apartments are the 3 start rated Hotels in Muscat, Oman which are equipped with all required amenities. These Hotel Apartments in Muscat aim at offering a seamless and wholesome experience for all with its lots of services like-

Safeer Hotels and Apartments

  • Air conditioning Lift
  • Family rooms& condos,
  • Facilities for disabled guests
  • Room service and Newspapers
  • Restaurants and Parking, Shuttle Services
  • Luggage storage, Lockers
  • Currency exchange
  • Express check-in/check-out&24-hour front desk
  • Cleaning and laundry service 
  • Free wireless internet access
  • Fully equipped kitchen &bathroom
  • Multi lingual Apartment care takers

Hotel Apartments Muscat had a very large lounge diner and a separate good sized kitchen with fridge, freezer, microwave oven, hot plates, and the usual kitchen utensils /crockery one expects – whatever extra we needed was supplied on request.

Offering professional and friendly services with a smile is the rime motto of every star hotel in Muscat. The Hotel Apartments Muscat has well-maintained rooms consisting of single, double and twin rooms, as well as a choice of Executive and Royals suites. Located in the heart of Muscat, a mere 20 to 30 minutes’ drive away from the airport;

Safeer Hotels and Apartments

Muscat is also famous for notable landmarks, Numerous Mosques, Numerous Museums, Opera houses, Shopping district in Old Muscat and the best transportation is “Baiza”. If you are corporate body or individual or a Family travelling Muscat, you can look for affordable discounted Hotel Apartments Muscat with Safeer Hotels which gives you all luxury amenities and comfortable stay.


Centrally locatedand well connected to the international Airport in Muscat,Safeer hotels offer enough time to travel every landscape in Muscat. Safeer Hotel and Apartments in Muscat and its franchise offers an array of options for relaxing and dining. We cater the different needs of leisure as well as business travelers. We are delight to offer you a thoroughly enjoying stay with us. The location of the hotel also increases its value as all the necessary places like malls, food streets nearby. We are a TripAdvisor approved Hotel group focus to great customer satisfaction. Book us for your Muscat Stay or tour at any of our seven hotels or apartments for your successful holiday in Muscat; for a booking and enquiry call toll free 800 777 33 or check with Central Reservation Tel: +968 24602355, Mobile: +968 97307445 or E-mail:


Six Best Places to Visit while in Salalah with Furnished Apartment’s Accommodation


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The second largest city of Oman, Salalah is a coastal city. It is an exclusive place in the Arabian Peninsula. On the northern side, the city has greenery mountain ranges, springs and waterfalls. On the southern side, Salalah has pristine white sand beaches, which are sunny from September to June every year.The city is a tourism destination due to its natural attraction of nearby magnificent frankincense trees lining along mountains and beautiful coastline beaches. Furnished Apartments of Salalah is meant for all business travelers, Leisure guests and tourists with all facilities and services. You can feel like you are in home as Apartments in Salalah provide high quality accommodation. From here, one can take pleasure of easy access to all that the sparkling city has to offer. The apartment’s accommodations are at a suitable location in Salalah and offers easy access to city’s different destinations.

Beautiful Waterfalls in Salalah

The best parts in Salalah are the pleasant weather, green mountains and many stunning waterfalls. These waterfalls in Salalah are available only in the Khareef season during the year and depends upon the amount of rain. Ayn Tobruk, Ayn Athum, Ayn Koor, Wadi Ayn are some of the best waterfalls one must visit during travel to Salalah. These waterfalls can be accessible with vehicles or by walking.

Three bed room pearl salalah

Al Mughsayl Beach

Al Mughsayl is a long stretch of blue water sea and white sand. The beach is liked by the locals and tourists from around the World. The landscape is pretty nice and the beach has mountains on both the sides, which make its view pleasing to the eye and camera-friendly. The sand on beach is so fine and soft to be a perfect picnic spot for tourists. People like to stroll on the beach at sunset, that may be a remembering  thing during travel.

Three bed room pearl salalah with two beds

Marneef Cave

Immediately close to Al Mughsayl Beach is Marneef cave, which one of the most favored picnic spot by Salalah residents and tourists. Furnished Apartments for short term stay or long term stay in Salalah would give you ample of time to plan these visit and nearby places too. Marneef cave is a hollow place and is a natural underground space that is large enough for a human to enter into. Tourists can sit on benches besides the cave and take a view of the cave and the beach. The access to the cave is through stairs or walkway with steep slope. Marneef cave is an absolute massive cave in sight and will be a perfect place to be viewed and capture on camera.

Wadi Sahalnoot

Wadi Sahalnoot Valley is one of the most popular places in Salalah for visitors. This place experience full gathering of tourists in Khareef every year. The valley has impressive and beautiful natural scenery that can be nice for spending a quality time with families. Traveler’s likes to stop here for flying kites, sit and relax, eat homemade foods, climb the mountains and capture the beautiful scenery. While driving to Wadi You can come across through the most scenic road covered with trees on both sides.

Nabi Ayoub’s tomb

Tomb of Nabi Ayoub is famous for its peaceful atmosphere and a garden of flowering trees. As per history it is a sacred resting place for Islam’s renowned prophet Nabi Ayub and is now an attraction for believers and travelers. The tomb is close to abundantly green Dhofar Mountain. In between the greenery lots of restaurants offer the visitors to rest after a long travel through the summit.

Three bed room pearl salalah living room

Boating ride on Wadi lake

Wadi Darbat is the biggest lake in Salalah and is wet all year around. During rainy season the lake is surrounded by green mountains with nice weather. Boat rides through the wadi are the biggest attraction among visitors and children enjoy feeding the fish during the ride. You can go for power boat rides with a capacity of more than two person or paddle boat rides for two persons. Boating company provide the safety vest during journey and makes special barricade arrangement for kids. One should not miss the adventure of paddling, boating, kayaking at the attractive lake of Wadi Darbat while in Salalah.

The Furnished Apartments Salalah offers various recreational opportunities with warm hospitality and a lovely ambiance to make the visitors stay in Salalah unforgettable. Facilities like free Wi-Fi, daily housekeeping, car parking and family room can be enjoyed by you while in Furnished Apartments Salalah. At we offer a wide variety of option to meet different need and occasion of our clients like business and corporate people, leisure travelers. Whether you are here for pleasure or for business trip, you can find best of comforts and services making your stay pleasant and homely.  For any apartment arrangement please call us at <2230-4600>

Experience Luxury and Comfort in 3 Star Hotels of Oman


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Oman, one of the most developed countries in Middle East region and one of two powerful Sultanates now existing in the world is having a strong economy due to its tourism and trade sector. It is a Persian Gulf country with a 3 million population which is equal in size as Kansas and invites tourists in large number to its multiple points of attractions and allows them the most invaluable experience with an option to stay in some of the finest 3 star hotels in Oman.

With Persian influenced culture, breathtaking natural splendor available in the form of harsh mountains, vast deserts and clear water streams – and the largest metropolitan city of Muscat, reflecting the most stylish and modernized taste of the Arabian culture, a luxury tour with accommodation in 3 star hotels of Oman can be a great chance to enjoy the typical wonders of this enchanting Middle East country.  With its coastland spreading across a thousand miles and offering the best views of beaches and lined with historical palaces and forts, tourists can always find it giving them unequaled pleasure in return of the budget.

Oman brings all the options required for a dreamy holiday: desert trip, charming Arabian life and culture and a luxury retreat in immaculate 3 star hotels of Oman for tourists. There are Safeer Plaza Hotel, Ruwi Hotel, Crystal Suites, Muscat Dunes Hotel and many more 3 star hotels in Oman available with modern décor, complimentary breakfast, Wifi and other facilities to make the stay of tourists special and unforgettable.

Whether going on a travel for work, or while planning their leisure vacation, tourists can have great options for luxury stay in 3 star hotels in Oman with access to entertainment, spa and cooking facilities. They may travel a lot to come hotel to relax on a comfortable bed with soothing ambience and friendly housekeeping service. So, nothing can be like booking a 3 start hotel in Oman provided with all the exclusive amenities that are every tourist’s priority.  

3 Star Safeer Hotel

There are many 3-star hotels in Oman, nearer to the capital city of Muscat to give tourists easy access to ministries, embassies, shopping complexes and attractive tourist spots. No matter whether it is the need of convenient locations or the best value luxury places for Oman tour stay – tourists can find well equipped and well furnished rooms in 3 star hotels of Oman to satisfy their needs the best.

With exclusive facilities like gym, TV, internet connection, safety box, temperature control, Arabic food catering and many more, the Oman 3 star hotels are going to give tourists the best comfort they can have in their travel accommodation. They are just incomparable in every aspect – room service, ambience, luxury etc.

Whatever may be the definition of luxury accommodation for you in Oman, browse the list of 3 star hotels in Oman on Safeer Hotels & Tourism Company to pick up the best for your next trip.

To check availability and book your room immediately in the 3 star hotel of Safeer Hotels & Tourism Company, call now on +968 24602355 or mail at

Top Things to Consider On a Vacation to Salalah


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Introducing Salalah –

Salalah, the capital of the Dhofar region is a colorful and subtropical city owing much of its unique characters to Oman’s former territories in East Africa. With wonderful sightseeings to explore, the coconut-fringed beaches and plantations of papyas and bananas offer an exceptional flavor of Zanzibar at Salalah in the heart of the Arabian desert year-round.

Why Visit Salalah –

  • The capital city of Dhofar, Salalah is located just to the southernmost region of Oman. Set among coconut groves and banana plantations, sprawled along sandy beaches, the spectacular lush vegetation makes Salalah seem the most tropical destination year-round.

  • Being the home to frankincense souqs, historic sites, the Dhofar city is the ultimate getaway to the Empty Quarter and an awesome area to see humpback as well as blue whale.

  • Experience the wider Oman at Salalah by discovering more of the varied history, landscapes, wildlife and vibrant culture.

  • If you visit during summer monsoon or khareef, you will see greener Salalah with much lush feel than the rest of Oman. In fact, the tropical fruits grow and the wadis fill with spring water in summer monsoon.

  • Enjoy exploring the white sand beaches featuring incredible whale watching possibilities and the smaller historic souqs – all these sightings make Salalah the most worthwhile addition to Omani holidays.

How Do You Visit Salalah on Vacation –

There are wide varieties of ways to enjoy vacationing in Salalah. Though the city boasts huge arrays of possibilities, it’s a bit tricky to decide which one to prefer. Here are a few of them discussed below. Take a look at the below discussed points and choose the one that best suits your desires and preferences:

  • Just charter a boat for whale watching adventure.

  • Make a visit to the ruined city of Samhuram and Queen of Sheba’s Palace

  • Venture into the Ubar ruins – sometimes well-known as “Atlantic of the Sands”.

  • Discover the tranquil rooms of the Salalaf Museum and the archaeological site of Al Balid.

  • Walk along the frankincense trees and start shopping for the resins at the souq.

  • Spend the day and overnight in a tranquil ambiance amongst the vast desert wilderness at the Empty Quarter.

  • Enjoy staying at luxury budget hotels in Salalah for a wonderful holiday experience to treasure forever.

Conclusion –

Surrounded by dramatic natural scenery, Salalah offers a unique taste of traditional Oman delights with a modern and spacious feel. Providing an incredible contrast to the rest of Oman, the Dhofar city is a must-visit destination ensuring world class adventure in a peaceful ambiance. So, if you are planning a holiday in Salalah, consider booking budget hotels in Salalah with Safeer Hotels & Tourism Company and get to enjoy a multitude of luxury amenities like free Wi-Fi facility, multicuisine restaurants, meeting area, 24/7 room service, fitness area, shuttle transfer service, free parking and more.

Book our budget hotels in Salalah as soon as possible and get rid of last minute chaos effortlessly. For immediate availability and enquiry, contact Safeer Hotels & Tourism Company at 800 777 33!